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What Are Orthotics?

Orthotic therapy involves analysing your gait and natural structure to build an orthotic shoe insert that can help treat ongoing pain and physical restrictions. Foot orthotics are medically prescribed, often custom-built inserts that are fully designed to support stressed joints and muscles, improve foot alignment and function, relieve pain all across the body, and prevent and repair injuries. The simple function of these designs is to improve the function and comfort of the lower limbs.

Orthotics Midland
Orthotic Insoles Midland

What Can Orthotic Insoles Treat?

Something as simple as wearing an orthotic has the capacity to treat a wide variety of conditions, injuries, and discomforts associated with the lower limbs. Some of the most common problems that can be managed with orthotics include:

On top of these conditions that we commonly see in our orthotic therapy sessions, this treatment can be used to improve ongoing issues that may not be a result of a specific injury or diagnosis. We can use orthotics to assist in the healing of muscle and ligament pain, alleviate pressure from the feet (due to things such as stress fractures), improve overall stability and coordination, and correct discrepancies in the feet and legs (limb length difference, flat feet, etc). In short, orthotics are capable of treating many, many issues!

The Orthotics Process

At Midland Podiatry, we conduct a full assessment of the needs of your feet. Our podiatrists will work to prescribe custom orthotics to best suit the unique requirements of your body, and that process all begins with your initial assessment appointment.

Using a variety of tools and techniques, our podiatrists will conduct a comprehensive biomechanical and gait analysis and will capture the structure of your feet with plaster casts. With all of these, as well as a strong understanding of your medical history and any injuries that may be affecting you, we will send our prescriptions to a leading orthotics lab. There, they will construct a device that is truly and totally made for you!

Custom Orthotic Insoles Midland
orthotic therapy Midland

How Orthotics Can Help You

Even if you aren’t seeking treatment for a specific condition or on the road to recovery post-injury, receiving orthotic therapy is a worthwhile investment. Working to correct even tiny problems with your gait or the natural structure of your lower limbs can greatly improve your daily life, and will ultimately help to prevent future injuries and problems from arising. Something as simple as an orthotic insert can ensure that you’re being mindful of how you walk and carry yourself every day, keeping yourself healthy and ensuring that everything is functioning as it should. Take care of your body today, and it will be thanking you tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are orthotics completely custom?
Yes! Your pair of orthotics will be medically prescribed and built to suit every tiniest detail in the structure of your feet and legs.

Can my orthotics switch between different types of shoes?
Absolutely – while we encourage orthotics to be matched with a pair of supportive shoes for the best results, you will be able to move your inserts between all the regular pairs of shoes you love wearing day-to-day.

Do orthotics hurt to walk on?
Your orthotics shouldn’t be painful. While starting to wear them may take a little time to get used to, you’ll find that your shoe inserts will quickly become so normal to you that you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

Are there follow-up appointments with a podiatrist?
We highly encourage an ongoing relationship between podiatrist and patient. While appointments won’t need to be regular once you’re orthotics are fitted, and everything’s going well, checkups down the line are great for ensuring progress is being made.

Are orthotics for all ages?
Orthotics can be beneficial for anyone. If there’s an issue with your gait or leg function that needs fixing, orthotics may be an option – no matter your age.

FAQ Orthotics Midland

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Nothing means more to us than the comfort and health of our patients. That’s our number one priority at Midland Podiatry – we build ongoing relationships with our clients, ensuring that you know there’s always someone ready to help with your ongoing recovery.

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Don’t travel far and wide just to find high-quality medical care. As a staple clinic in Perth’s eastern suburbs for many years now, we pride ourselves on our history of offering top-notch foot care to our beloved local areas.

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Bringing your podiatry needs to Midland Podiatry means you can rest assured that you’re in the safest hands possible. With a combined 30 years of experience on our team, your feet and legs are bound to be well taken care of.

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Signs that you’re due for an appointment with an orthotic podiatrist can be glaringly obvious, or almost too tiny to recognise. We accept patients of all backgrounds – whether you’ve just suffered an injury and are beginning your recovery process or whether you’ve simply started to notice that your knee aches after a long day on your feet.

Whatever it is causing you alarm, the Midland Podiatry team is ready to jump in and figure out if orthotic therapy is the right choice for you. Reach out today, and we’ll get you all sorted for your very first assessment!

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