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A comprehensive analysis of your lower limb function.

What Is A Biomechanical Assessment?

When something just isn’t adding up with your feet or legs, but you can’t identify the issue, a biomechanical assessment may hold the answers you’ve been looking for. Biomechanics examines how the body interacts, and an assessment of this interaction is called a biomechanical assessment. A biomechanical assessment involves a thorough examination of your feet and legs that aims to help your podiatrist make a diagnosis and come up with a treatment plan.

Whether you’re experiencing pain or discomfort in a particular area, have one leg shorter than the other, or have noticed your child isn’t reaching their developmental milestones as expected, it may be time for a biomechanical assessment.

Biomechanical Assessment Midland
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Why Book A Biomechanical Assessment With A Podiatrist?

A biomechanical assessment is for anybody who feels they (or their child) need one. A biomechanical assessment examines how your bones, joints, muscles, tissues, and ligaments work together to keep you moving. As our hips, knees, ankles, and structures within our feet all work together to help us move, a biomechanical assessment provides an overview of how certain body parts work together. A biomechanical assessment can provide answers to a wide range of podiatry issues that impact the way you move.

What To Expect During Your Assessment

A biomechanical assessment is a term that encompasses many types of individual assessments and is not a one size fits all type of diagnostic tool. As such, your biomechanical assessment may be different to that of your friend or your teammate.

The tests your podiatrist performs during your biomechanical analysis are specific to the problem you’re experiencing but may include testing:

  • The range of motion in your joints
  • Muscle strength
  • Foot posture
  • Your balance, coordination, and falls risk
  • Nerve tightness
  • Your walking style
  • Your running style
  • Physical exam and palpation of bones and structures
  • Pressure and weight distribution
  • Limb length difference
  • Hypermobility
  • Developmental milestones in children

Most biomechanical assessments will include a gait analysis, which aims to uncover if the way you move may be the reason for your discomfort or pain.

biomechanical assessment
Midland biomechanical assessment

Tailored Diagnosis And Treatment

A biomechanical assessment allows your podiatrist to make a confident diagnosis of your condition based on the results of your assessment. With a confident diagnosis, they will be better able to prescribe an accurate treatment plan. This treatment plan can then be tailored to not only your specific concern but also address what may be causing it, allowing you to feel better for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Podiatry Biomechanical Assessments

How should I prepare for a biomechanical assessment?
There is nothing specific you need to do beforehand, though it is recommended you dress in a well-fitted shirt and either shorts or leggings. If possible, wear what you normally would when exercising or playing a sport, including wearing your regular shoes.

What does a biomechanical assessment involve?
During your biomechanical assessment, your podiatrist will perform a variety of tests. While the exact tests will depend on your specific concern or concerns, common areas for assessment include:

  • Foot and leg alignment while you’re sitting, standing, walking, and running, measuring your leg length and identifying any differences, and testing any imbalances
  • Joint flexibility to determine the range of motion in your joints from the toes to the hip
  • Foot posture or foot pronation including how high or low your arch is, whether your feet roll inwards, and how you stand and walk
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Why Choose Midland Podiatry For Your Biomechanical Assessment?

Experienced Podiatrists

Our team of podiatrists here and Midland Podiatry can provide you with unbeatable foot care. With over 30 years of combined experience across our staff, you can trust our skill and expertise in performing biomechanical assessments and various other treatments. Come to a podiatrist you know will take great care of you!

Genuine Care

At the heart of all our care is a sincere, authentic passion for people. We care about our patients, meaning that we not only strive to deliver incredible healthcare but we also strive to ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire process. We’re here to build ongoing relationships, making sure you’ve got a podiatry team on call that you know you can trust in an emergency.

Wide Range Of Tests

Here at Midland Podiatry, we understand that every patient we work with has individual histories, needs, and preferences. That’s why we aim to offer the broadest amount of high-quality treatment options we can. Whatever problem you’re facing with your feet and legs, we have the tools and skillsets to address the issue and offer treatment best suited to you and your body.

Book Your Biomechanical Assessment Appointment Today

At Midland Podiatry we’ve been providing comprehensive foot care services for 30 years. We understand all too well how issues in the feet and legs can impact lives and impair your ability to complete day-to-day tasks with ease. Whether you’re experiencing a decreased range of motion, nerve tightness, or hypermobility, a biomechanical assessment in our hygienic, clean, and welcoming environment aims to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

When you book your biomechanical assessment with Midland Podiatry, you’re putting your feet first and helping to improve your life.

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